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Artist Keith Stillwagon

About Keith Stillwagon

Keith Stillwagon

Keith Stillwagon was born in Annapolis, Maryland June 3rd 1944 and raised in Flint, Michigan where his father was employed with the auto industry.

Evidence of Stillwagon's artistic ability began to show at age five. Stillwagon attended Catholic School where he was sometimes ridiculed and punished for his compulsion to draw. He was not encouraged to develop his creative skills either at home or at school.

At age seventeen, during the Vietnam era Stillwagon enlisted in the army as an Infantry Soldier. After his Honorable discharge, he purchased his first set of paints and set out to teach himself the fundamentals of drawing and painting through instructional manual.

For the next thirty years Stillwagon took on odd jobs to support his pursuit of self-expression through visual media. His work has appeared in several galleries across the country, in books, poster prints, record covers, theater backdrops as well as on privately owned and public buildings. When not painting murals, he prepares his visionary paintings for Gallery exhibitions and private collections.